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Owe IRS Money?

Taxpayers who owe the IRS back taxes should contact a professional tax company immediately for assistance.  The IRS can place tax levies and liens on a taxpayer’s accounts without going through the legal court system.  This means that those persons do not make the adequate changes to get compliant with the IRS will face harsh collection actions quicker.

The federal government has several options for taxpayers who owe IRS back taxes.  A professional tax company will always advise you to pay your back taxes if you are able.  The IRS also offers several resolution plans for taxpayers.  Monthly payments can be made by taxpayers with money owed to the IRS by entering into an IRS Installment Agreement.  For some taxpayers, the Offer in Compromise plan may be the best option if they can show the government they can pay within two years and provide financial documentation to prove their eligibility.  Finally, Currently Not Collectible status is granted to those taxpayers that have a negative monthly income and owe IRS back tax.  For these individuals, having the IRS attempt to collect the debt would cause unfair hardship.

Taxpayers who have money owed to IRS and other creditors should call immediately to undergo a financial investigation with a professional tax company.  The tax professionals know owing the IRS money is stressful.  Having a financial investigation started on your income and financial accounts will provide the information needed to begin negotiating with the IRS for a resolution plan.  Each tax settlement has different eligibility requirements, and not everyone is qualified to enter into any resolution.  Taxpayers owing the IRS money can have their records compared to the financial records the IRS has on file.  If the tax professionals see discrepancies, they will be able to negotiate for a tax settlement that is fair.

Don’t let owing IRS back taxes ruin your finances and life.  If the IRS begins levy actions you can lose your bank accounts, home, cars, retirement accounts and even your paychecks.  The IRS only stops collection when the debt is satisfied, or if taxpayers that owe IRS money take steps to become compliant. A tax professional will be able to help you identify your tax settlement options and chances for acceptance, but you will not know unless you take the necessary steps now.  Call today to start the process of getting tax relief.  You may be able to get a tax settlement that will change your life.

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